You Before Me Care is run by managers who are both qualified and highly skilled nurses, with nursing management and experience in the Infection and Prevention Control field. You Before Me Care employs highly skilled carers and anyone with the willingness to learn. Our staff screening process is thorough, and our interviews are done in a way that we can quickly put learning needs and systems to support our staff in place. How do we do this? We provide our staff with training, You Before Me Care one day induction, Online training courses, a 5 day on the field paid induction with our managers or a trained personal. All our staff under go the necessary DBS vetting and are CBR approved. We not only train our staff with the regulated training but we encourage them to also care for our Service Users. They understand the importance of person-centered care and are equipped with the necessary tools to provide the best possible care to the Service Users. Our staff receive constant training to contribute to preventing abuse and neglect by reporting potential risks, to be vigilant to the signs of abuse and the procedure on how to act on them, to keep current with any training or information required to be undertaken and to understand the principles of confidentiality and information sharing.