Caring for a loved one with Dementia can be challenging, here at You Before Me Care we provide person-centred support to individuals living with all types of Dementia. We do this with a deep sense of understanding, compassion and love for what we do. Our approach is to support individual’s live happy, meaningful lives irrespective of the type of Dementia and symptoms they present. Our number one priority is to care for you or your most precious loved one with the same kindness, tenderness and sensitivity we show to our own families. To achieve this, we provide a highly trained Carer who will ensure that you have tailored continued care. Your most suitably assigned Carer can then develop an in-depth understanding of you needs, observe even the smallest changes in mood and behaviour and respond effectively.

We have an ongoing care review so the most appropriate care is provided as per your current needs, you then have the confidence to know that all your needs will be met.

YB4MC is actively involved with Alzheimer’s Dementia Care Campaigns, we work together with organisations like Dementia and Friends and Age UK this allows us to receive updates on new information regarding how we can assist our Service Users to live more fulfilling lives.